Kookil Paper's products can be found in daily life

Zhangjiagang’s Base Paper for Memos,
an essential item on a desk

From sweet pastel colors to eye-catching fluorescent colors
I change into a wide range of colors according to the given situation.I can also change my shapes freely.
I can be transformed into a square, circle as well as stars and hearts for special occasions. These by no means are all the special talents I have. I am loved by the people of the world unlimitedly because of my ability to be easily stuck to and detached from various surfaces.

송인혁 31세 광고 카피라이터

Who am I?
I am the base paper for a memo of Kukil Paper in Zhangjiagang City, China ~!

I was made by using only strictly selected high quality 100% natural pulp to ensure the manifestation of a smooth surface texture and writing appropriateness. My characteristic vibrant colors were created by mixing natural pulp with strictly selected dyes at the optimal ratio. Accordingly, I have most vibrant yet uniform colors than anyone else. It is a technological capability that is difficult to mimic.

My friends and I are originally created as base paper for memos, are turned into memo pads and Post-its. In addition to the highly varied shapes and colors, we differ from each other in our applications.
However, the common mission we have is to provide assistance to all the people of the world.
I was recently reborn as Post-it. I am placed in a conference room and many people gathered are writing their respective ideas on me and attaching me on a huge board.
In such cases, I submissively remain attached onto the board as if I’m glued on with my own special capability. Accordingly, I am able to ardently execute my duties without budging even if there is an invitation of cool wind through the open window to play.

Do you know when I am the happiest and most excited?
It is when I deliver an important message to someone.
I even have the wonderful sense of transforming into a heart shape when I am being sent to loved ones along with a lovely present.
I also deliver the message of encouragement from mom to her son too busy studying for exams and having no time to exchange short greetings.
Everyone lauds me for the excellent convenience and assistance I provide. I also feel a great sense of contentment because everyone values and loves me so much.

Feel free to look for me whenever you need me.
I will always be more than glad to be of assistance.
I love you~!