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Zhangjiagang’s Paper
for Food led culinary life innovation

Paper is not only needed just to record something, it is use exquisitely to package, contain and store things.
In particular, if what is contained in such package is the sweet,
sour and spicy food to satisfy your gustatory desires and to quench your hunger, I have no doubt you will welcome them with open arms.

더 할 나위 없는 완벽함 miilk, Yes! miilk 덕분에 똑소리나게 일 잘한다고 인정받고 있어요!

Who am I?
I am paper for food of Kukil Paper in Zhangjiagang City, China.

Are you aware how extensively diversified types of papers are used in packaging, storing and distributing food items?
Just conjure up the image of the Darjeeling tea bag being brewed in its bright red color in hot water contained in a beautiful flower patterned teacup when you are craving for some sweet cookies with a warm cup of tea in a drowsy afternoon. I am the thin and translucent paper bag that contains tea leaves. How about in the evenings on weekends with slight hunger creeping up your stomach? When you are tired of the mundane food you eat every day and couldn’t be bothered with having to go out to a restaurant, this can easily be solved by ordering a delivery of pizza topped with various vegetables, meat, sausage and cheese. The clean paper on which the pizza is placed in the delivery box is my friend. Chicken with ice cold beer is a must item when all the family members are gathered in front of TV for broadcasting of your favorite soccer or baseball team. The paper box that contains the piping hot fried chicken delivered to your home is also one of my friends.


My friends and I are used as packaging paper for an extensive range of food items with the strictest attention paid to cleanliness. We are made thoroughly hygienic since we have to be completely harmless to the human body. We have the advantage of having a highly smooth surface without the generation of dust through the use of the highest quality pulp with non-fluorescent product that contains no fluorescent material. Moreover, we are equipped with various other properties such as appropriate thicknesses, ability to withstand moisture and oil, enabling various letterings and pictures to be printed cleanly in accordance with the needs needed through a diverse range of post-processing.

임선아 26세 H기업 홍보팀 신입사원

In particular, the paper used as a tea bag for a wide variety of teas is equipped with the highest level of cleanliness and strength. I am the paper with the strength to brew the best tasting teas while safely storing black tea or green tea as the best tea bag paper manufactured by Kukil Paper Zhangjiagang. Actually, my friends who are used as the inner paper of pizza boxes and chicken containers are also outstanding paper. They have excellent characteristics of combining extremely well with the printed exterior surface and corrugated paper of the box while having the property to resist moisture and oil very well along with a smooth surface that does not generate dust.
Paper to wrap an ice cream cone that softly and sweetly melts in the mouth is also scheduled to be launched. You can look forward to them since more wonderful papers than the existing papers before will be produced soon enough.