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protection of stainless
steel surfaces

9AM_Meeting with a customer


Mr. Kim, an assistant manager of the Sales Team of Kukil Paper Zhangjiagang, is scheduled to spend a busier day than usual.
There is an array of meetings throughout the day, beginning with a meeting with a new client at 9AM~ This client chose Zhangjiagang’s SS slip sheets for the surface protection of the stainless steel product they manufacture.
Although his products are equipped with the best quality, Mr. Kim is putting in his utmost efforts in meeting with the client in order to deliver even better products in accordance with the specific requirements of the client in greater detail.

Zhangjiagang’s SS slip sheets is a product that has already won recognition as the highest class quality in China with high reputation throughout the world.
Although his products are equipped with the best quality, Mr. Kim is putting in his utmost efforts in meeting with the client in order to deliver even better products in accordance with the specific requirements of the client in greater detail.

1PM_Meeting with the manufacturing team

Immediately after the consultation with the client, Mr. Kim engaged in a meeting with the manufacturing team for slip sheets. The ambience during the meeting is highly sincere since the manufacturing team is putting in the utmost efforts to produce products that can better satisfy the circumstances and requirements of the clients, even though it is the same category of product of those ordered by other clients. Mr. Kim discusses the product manufacturing customized to the client by delivering the requirements of the client obtained during the morning meeting. This client has been using the slip sheet product of another company and experienced foreign matter being smudged on the stainless steel product occasionally. As such, the client needed a slip sheet with a higher level of cleanliness. In addition to the importance of the cleanliness of the slip sheet itself, cleanliness must be maintained during the process of storage and delivery after the manufacturing.

Surface damages arising from friction due to contact between the stainless steel products can occur quite easily, thereby making the use of slip sheet for protection of the product essential. In addition, surface protection for stainless steel becomes even more important since corrosion can occur at the time of welding works if dust and/or lubricant piles up on the surface.
Accordingly, Zhangjiagang’s SS slip sheets are just perfect for such requirements from the client. It is equipped not only with a high level of cleanliness but also high tensile and tearing strengths, making it ideal for the protection of the product.

매일 사용하는 종이지만 늘 선택은 miilk BEIGE죠. 학생들에게 전 센스있는 인기 강사랍니다!

3PM-A sweet but brief rest

A brief rest after the meeting and Mr. Kim’s phone rings again, without fail.
The client wants to additionally order an LCD slip sheet this time. The fatigue of the day disappears completely with the praise from the client that he wants to use only Zhangjiagang‘s LCD slip sheet from now on since the quality of the LCD slip sheet supplied to the client was so great.
LCD slip sheets manufactured at Zhangjiagang are inserted between highly priced LCD glass products to protect the surface as well as prevent generation of static electricity to the products. It is characterized by the cleanliness not only of the surface but also of the base paper itself.


6PM_Every one unified for the satisfaction of the client!

Finally, it is time to tidy up a hectic day. Although Mr. Kim had to deal with a heavy schedule without the opportunity to take a brief rest, it had been a highly fulfilling day because of the trust and praise from clients on the product he supplied. I am sure another busy day awaits tomorrow.
“Well done Mr. Kim! It is great to see you ardently pursuing the tasks at hand!”
The team manager offered praises to Mr. Kim for having successfully handled the hectic schedule for the day unsparingly.
However, Mr. Kim replied as follows.
“I am only able to have busy schedule at work at all is because of all the other staff of the company.
I am thoroughly enjoying my work thanks to the research team that always seeks to improve our products, the manufacturing team capable of producing the products without the slightest errors and the logistics team that safely deliver our products to the clients through meticulous packaging and distribution processes. All of these departments are putting in efforts together for the single goal of ‘customer satisfaction’.
Passion surges up in me as I watch every department working ardently by leading and following each other, just like perfect clockwork in their respective areas.
I think our customers are also aware that the high level of quality of the products manufactured by Kukil Paper Zhangjiagang stems from the strength of unification of all the staff of the company!”