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    Hankuk PaperCompany specializing in the manufacturing
    of printing papers

    Hankuk Paper, established in 1958, is a company specializing in the manufacturing of printing papers over the period of half a century by practicing the foundation spirit of ‘making contributions towards cultural advancement through paper’. Hankuk Paper has been creating innovative products described with modifiers such as the ‘first’ and the ‘best’ in Korea on the basis of independent and differentiated technological capabilities. The company was the first in Korea to manufacture copying paper in 1960 and opened the era of acid-free paper in Korea by manufacturing acid-free paper, referred to as a ‘paper of millennium’, for the first time in Korea in 1982. In addition, the company elevated the level of the art paper in Korea by developing double art paper for which coating solution is applied on the base paper twice in 1983. Since then, the company successfully elevated the quality of the printing papers of Korea to the top level in the world by launching ‘X-PRI’, a high class premium art paper, in August, 2004, and ‘ARTE’, matte finish non-coated paper, in June 2012 through continuous research and development. Furthermore, in February 2013, Hankuk Paper established the foundation on which to catapult into the status of comprehensive global paper manufacturing company by acquiring a specialized paper factory in China that manufactures specialized papers for industrial applications including stainless steel Slip sheet, heteromorphic base paper (release paper), base paper for memo, base paper for wallpaper, special packing paper and tip paper, etc. with annual manufacturing capacity of 70,000 tons.

    Establishment of company: 1958.02
    Business area: Paper manufacturing industry
    Business sites: Seoul (headquarters), Ansan (factory)

  • 한국제지 미국법인

    USA Corporation of Hankuk Paper

    Corporation in the USA (hereinafter, HKP USA) was established in LA, California for the purpose of fortification of the local sales and marketing in August 2015. Hankuk Paper established foundation for organic network between the manufacturing base in Korea and local bases of demand in the USA through HKP USA, and foundation for reinforcement of the relationship with the existing clients and expansion of new clients by providing a diverse range of services to the local clients in the USA.
    HKP USA is selling and managing information papers (copying paper) and industrial specialized papers with focus on the printing papers (art paper and copying paper) in the North American region.

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  • 계양전기

    Gyeyang ElectricalCompany specializing in global mechatronics

    Gyeyang Electrical was established in 1977 and is specializing in the manufacturing of small motors used in motorized tools, industrial instruments, automobile seats and transmission, etc. Approximately 830 staffs and executives are working at the headquarters in Seoul headquarters, factories in Ansan and Cheonan, and overseas factory in Suzhou, China.
    Gyeyang Electrical has achieved annual revenue of more than 300 billion Won and is continuously executing customer-oriented management activities by always researching the requirements of the clients with the utmost priority.

    Establishment of company: 1977. 4.
    Business area: Manufacturing of motorized tools and DC motors, etc.
    Business sites: Seoul(headquarters), Ansan and Cheonan (factory), Suzhou, China (overseas corporation)

  • 해성디에스

    Haesung DSSolution provider for materials and electronic components

    Haesung DS led the advancement of the semiconductor market in Korea by achieving growth into the status of global corporation in the key product areas of semiconductor including Lead Frame and PKG Substrate through expansion into the semiconductor industry in earnest in 1984. In particular, it is supplying semiconductor frame for automobiles to companies in and out of Korea through the independently developed environment-friendly nano-plating technology (PPF) and is gradually increasing its range of application to the product groups such as Flash Memory through multi-layered circuit board manufacturing that utilizes the continuous (reel to reel) manufacturing method for the first time in the world. Currently, the company is immersing itself in the development of new technologies including graphene, bio and sensors, etc. in order to open new horizon for the future industry as well as in creation of added values for the existing industry.

    Establishment of company: 2014. 4.
    Business area: Manufacturing of semiconductor lead frame and package substrate
    Business sites: Seoul (headquarters), Changwon (business site), Suzhou, China (overseas corporation), Fukuoka (overseas liaison office), Daejeon Haesung Bio (subsidiary company), Changwon Haesung Technology (subsidiary company) 

  • 한국팩키지

    Korea Package Company specializing in environment-friendly packing container and striving to grow with customers

    Korea Package is a company specializing in the manufacturing of packaging containers for liquids through commencement of the manufacturing of carton pack for liquids in 1979 for the first time in Korea and conversion into an independent corporation in 1993. It has established stable status of market leader in the packaging container industry in Korea, and is a specialized company equipped with global competitiveness through the leading role of grafting the high hygienic standards of Japan onto the advanced design and technologies of Europe. Currently, with the annual revenues in excess of 50 billion Won, the company is continuing to grow as a specialized company in packaging container for liquid through creation of new product values.

    Establishment of company: 1993.11.
    Business area: Manufacturing of packaging container for liquid (carton pack)
    Business sites: Seoul(headquarters), Ansan(factory)

  • 해성산업

    Haesung Industry Integrated asset management company striving to achieve accompanied growth with customers

    Haesung Industry, established in 1954, has been playing leading role in the real estate leasing and development sector through the commencement of office building leasing business with the completion of the construction of Haenam Bldg. in 1962, followed by entry into the facilities management service business and sales of the lots in the Wooyoung Techno Center. Currently, it is continuing its activities as a specialized integrated real estate asset management company with responsibilities for the management of 7 buildings including Haesung Bldg. situated on Teheran-ro in Gangnam, which is the center of IT business and others in Seoul and Busan.

    Establishment of company: 1954. 2.
    Business area: Real estate leasing and facilities management, etc.
    Business sites: Seoul and Busan

Haesung Academy, an educational foundation

  • 해성여자고등학교

    Haesung Girl's High School

    Haesung Girl's High School, since it opening in 2008, has been putting in efforts towards qualitative and quantitative securing of school education required in the 21st century by fully implementing the calling of the era and mindset at the time of commencement of the school. As the result, it has established itself as a highly reputed private high school that represents the local region.
    Haesung Girl's High School is putting in utmost efforts to cultivate highly competent women to lead the rapidly changing global trends within the 3 axes of ‘Openness’, ‘Competition’ and ‘Cooperation’.


  • 해성국제컨벤션고등학교

    Haesung International Convention High School

    Haesung International Convention High School has been nurturing convention smart leader who are leading the global era in the 21st century since its opening in 1958. We are nurturing creative students with unlimited potentials to lead the future on the foundation of differentiated educational capabilities. Moreover, we are putting in our utmost efforts to nurture outstanding and competent women who will lead the future as the school that improves specialized knowledge, active and affirmative school, and school in which students are respected and able to fully demonstrate their talents.


Haesung Cultural Foundation

  • 해성여자고등학교

    Haesung Cultural Foundation

    Haesung Group, as the representative national company of Korea, with prolonged history is leading the social contribution activities, which are the social obligations of corporations. Since the establishment of Haesung Cultural Foundation in 1970, a total of 15 billion Won of scholarship was given out to approximately 28,000 students. Moreover, the Foundation is continually engaging in social contribution activities in a diverse range of areas including provision of supports for the enhancement of eye sights of low income families through cooperation with the Korea Blindness Prevention Foundation.