Introducing the duties in the areas to which the staffs and executives of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation belong to.

Business management headquarters

Provide support to ensure that the business activities of the company are carried out in accordance with the strategic directions by establishing the mid to long-term strategies and visions through internal and external management activity analysis
Provide economic decision making information to the management and the interested parties on the basis of the financial information of the and maintain stable financial structure and cash flow by harmoniously procuring funds.
General affairs and personnel management
Personnel management: Select, secure, maintain and nurture manpower capable of accomplishing the vision and goals of the company, and make contributions towards the accomplishment of the goals of the organization by enhancing the competitiveness of the constituent members.

General affairs: Provide conveniences necessary for the business activities of the staffs and executives of the company, and organize the company events and manage various assets of the company.
Purchasing and distribution
Procure various raw materials necessary in manufacturing activities domestically and from overseas in order to support the manufacturing activities of the manufacturing department, and manage overall aspects of the logistics of products including warehousing and shipping by establishing logistics plan.
Sales management
Establish sales strategy by analyzing the market trend and support harmonious sales activities of sales department
Secure increase ins sales revenues and profitability through management of trading partners and securing of new market at home and abroad.

Manufacturing management headquarters

Quality control
Manage the quality in order for high quality products to be supplied to the customers by controlling even the quality of the products manufactured from the raw materials used to ensure that the quality meets the requirements of the customers.
Improvement of procedures
Improve the quality of the main product lines and make contributions towards the fortification of the competitiveness of the company including support for procedures, etc.
Manufacturing management
In charge of the enhancement of the manufacturing works through the management of the overall manufacturing processes for each of the procedures and products, and improvement of the management of manufacturing performances and procedures.
We are supplying planned products with high quality in timely manner, and pursuing ceaseless improvement of procedures, quality improvement and reduction in cost in order to secure vantage point in competitiveness over our competitors.
Support for manufacturing
Make contributions towards the enhanced efficiency of manufacturing works of the manufacturing department through development, maintenance and repairing of the facilities within the factory.