Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation shall always
put utmost efforts to select and execute new research tasks.

The Research and Development (R&D) Team of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation shall put efforts to become a company that
manufactures products with the best quality through ceaseless efforts for improvement of quality.

Introduction to R&D Team

Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation
has been playing the leading role in the industrial
advancement in the area of specialized papers on the
foundation of outstanding technological capabilities thus far

In the process, the R&D Team has become the foundation for the growth of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation into the company equipped with globally recognized quality and technology today through ceaseless efforts for quality improvement.

The R&D Team is putting in efforts to improve the quality of the existing products in order to manufacture high quality products that comply with the demands of the consumers, and to manufacture products with the best quality through regularly scheduled quality comparison tests. Moreover, the Team is putting in efforts to find improvement in the processes through continued researches and to solve problems through the analysis of the processes by improving the chemicals used including the main and subsidiary ingredients, etc.

기술연구소 소개 이미지
기술연구소 소개 이미지

The R&D Team of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation shall continue to put efforts to accomplish the advancement of the paper manufacturing technology in the area of specialized papers and for the company to catapult into the status of the leading company in the area of specialized papers by 2020 by quickly analyzing the changes in the era and the demands of the consumers.

Introduction to experimental lab

  • 초지 실험실 이미지

    Experimental lab for paper manufacturing

    Quality evaluation of main/supplementary raw materials, simulation evaluation of the paper manufacturing conditions and application research on quality improvement

  • Constant moisture and temperature room

    Have devices for measurements and characteristic analysis that are essential for physical properties of paper Comparative evaluation of the qualities with the products of other companies at home and abroad, and evaluation of the characteristics and overall strength of the products manufactured

    코팅 실험실 이미지

Key research facilities

공정과 제품의 정확한 분석

Have the latest devices for measurement of the physical properties of paper

We are equipped with the latest measurement equipment specialized for papers. Experimental devices for the specialized measurement of the diverse physical properties of papers including the device for the measurement of the strength characteristics such as tensile strength, tearing strength, folding strength, rupture strength and stiffness, etc. which are the basic physical properties, Elrepho for measurement of colors, equipment for measurement of the orientation of the fibers and devices for the measurement of surface characteristics and liquid permeation characteristics. Moreover, befitting our status as a company specializing in manufacturing of heteromorphic base paper, we have 2 types of measurement devices for the internal binding strength, which is the most important physical property of our products.

최상의 제품을 생산하는 기초연구 수행

Execution of basic researches for manufacturing of the best products

It is possible to select the best raw materials and set the optimal quantity and conditions of the drugs to be inputted because we are equipped with the basic experimental facilities for the evaluation of the characteristics of the pulp, the main ingredient, and manual paper manufacturing machine, lab press and lab drier for simulation of the physical properties of the paper being manufactured by the main paper manufacturing machine. We execute researches for the manufacturing of the best products at all times since we are equipped with Dynamic Filtration Analyzer (DFA) and Particle Charge Detector (PCD), etc., which are precision analysis equipment, capable of evaluating the status of dehydration and electric charge equilibrium in the paper manufacturing machine.

최신 종이 물성 측정장치를 보유

Accurate analysis of the procedures and products

The R&D Team composed of professionals capable of making accurate diagnosis of the Manufacture processs has established close network with the technology research center at the headquarters through continuous technology exchange and cooperation. Moreover, the Team is putting in efforts towards manufacturing of products that all the consumers will be satisfied with in order for the outstanding analytic technology of the headquarters and the technological know-how of the R&D Team to quickly process the dissatisfactions of the consumers.