Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited
Corporation is awaiting the creative
challenges of competent persons with
talents and dreams in a diverse
range of areas.

정도를 추구하는 인재

Competent persons pursuing righteousness

  • Thinks and acts on the basis of facts.
  • Adheres to the basics and principles, and fully executes one’s capabilities and duties.
  • Dignifiedly takes responsibilities for one’s actions and consequences.
최고에 도전하는 인재

Competent persons taking up the challenges to become the best

  • Ceaselessly studies to be equipped with the foremost expertise in their respective areas.
  • Progresses forward towards the higher goals without being content with the present accomplishments.
  • Makes sure to accomplish goals set with the passion and tenacity of not giving up.
소통하고 협업하는 인재

Competent persons who communicate and cooperate

  • Acknowledges differences and accommodates diversity by rejecting prejudice.
  • Communicates and cooperates with colleagues, customers and society with open state of mind.
  • Maximizes the performances of the organization by exhibiting teamwork by abandoning group and individual selfishness
미래를 주도하는 인재

Competent persons who lead the future

  • Sensitively observes and promptly copes with the changes in the market and requirements of the customers.
  • Solves problems with innovative ideas by transcending the limits of customary and conventional concepts.
  • Leads the continued growth of the organization by creating values that exceeds the expectations of the customers.