Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporation, which is leading the paper culture in the 21st century,
is constantly pursuing R & D to pursue only the best quality products that meet the needs of customers and
to supply better products.


Slip sheet

Slip sheet is the paper used in the process of manufacturing procedures or during storage and transportation for the protection of various industrial materials including stainless steel, steel plate, PS board and glass. Slip sheets of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationhave been designed to be appropriate for the required qualities for each of the applications and, in particular, is equipped with the best quality from the perspectives of the strength, surface smoothness and cleanliness of the paper.

Release paper

Release paper is the paper that corresponds to base paper among the bottom paper for the protection of the adhesion surface in the composition of labels (sticker). Label is composed of the top (printed surface) and the bottom (base paper, PE layer, silicone) papers, and the top and bottom papers area adhered by using adhesive to form the label (sticker). Therefore, it must be easy to separate the bottom paper from the top paper, and outstanding adhesive ability is required of the detached top paper. Release paper of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationguarantees appropriate and outstanding PE laminating due to its excellent surface characteristics and uniformity in thickness. In addition, moisture is managed to prevent formation of air pockets that can occur at the time of PE laminating on both sides, and it is characterized by high internal binding strength.

Converting papers

As the base paper for a diverse range of coated papers, they have been subjected to highly advanced design for the mixture of raw materials and physical characteristics in order to optimize the appropriateness of various inorganic coatings and starch range of coatings. We are manufacturing these ranges of papers equipped with the physical properties that evenly comply with the finally required qualities for each of the applications including surface quality, waterproofing, dimensional stability and dampness strength, etc.

Paper for food

It is a paper used for packaging of various food items. As such, strict standards for cleanliness are required and it must satisfy appropriateness for post processing. Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationis manufacturing papers for food with a wide range of applications ranging from low base weight paper to high base weight paper, and it is a high quality product that satisfy the required qualities for each of the applications including surface characteristics, post processing, appropriateness, waterproofing and printing quality, etc.