Slip sheet

Slip sheet is the paper used in the process of manufacturing procedures or during storage and transportation for the protection of various industrial materials including stainless steel, steel plate, PS board and glass. Slip sheets of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationhave been designed to be appropriate for the required qualities for each of the applications and, in particular, is equipped with the best quality from the perspectives of the strength, surface smoothness and cleanliness of the paper.

SS slip sheet


Surface damages can occur due to friction arising from the contact between the product for Stainless Steel (SS). If foreign matters, dust, oil, lubricant or dust accumulate on the SS surface, corrosion resistance (property that makes occurrence of corrosion difficult) may be degraded at the time of welding works. Therefore, SS slip sheet must be clean along with the requirement for high tensile strength and tearing strength. SS slip sheet manufactured by Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationis very clean and features very high strength.


Paper used for protection of the surface at the time of transportation and piling up of stainless steel products

  • 28g/㎡
  • 32g/㎡
  • 35g/㎡
  • 38g/㎡
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