Paper for food

It is a paper used for packaging of various food items. As such, strict standards for cleanliness are required and it must satisfy appropriateness for post processing. Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationis manufacturing papers for food with a wide range of applications ranging from low base weight paper to high base weight paper, and it is a high quality product that satisfy the required qualities for each of the applications including surface characteristics, post processing, appropriateness, waterproofing and printing quality, etc.

Paper for food


Paper for packaging food requires strict management for the hygienic issues and must be completely harmless to human body. Paper for food of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationis non-fluorescent product that uses the best quality pulps and characterized by high level of surface smoothness.


Paper used to cleanly and safely packaging food items

  • 50g/㎡
  • 60g/㎡
  • 80g/㎡
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