Tissue papers

Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationis manufacturing cigarette tip paper and Bible paper as tissue papers in addition to slip sheets. Phenomenon of see-through was minimized by elevating opacity. It also has outstanding printing quality due to high surface smoothness.

Cigarette tip paper


Cigarette tip paper is the paper used in the portion of the cigarette that comes in contact with the lip of the smoker. Accordingly, it must be non-fluorescent product that requires assurance of excellent feel of smoking and high quality printing. Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationproduces cigarette tip paper that guarantees outstanding feel of smoking and excellent printing quality due to high level of smoothness by adjusting the appropriate level of air permeability and porosity.


Paper for wrapping around the filter and porous paper of cigarette

  • 33g/㎡
  • 35g/㎡
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