Converting papers

As the base paper for a diverse range of coated papers, they have been subjected to highly advanced design for the mixture of raw materials and physical characteristics in order to optimize the appropriateness of various inorganic coatings and starch range of coatings. We are manufacturing these ranges of papers equipped with the physical properties that evenly comply with the finally required qualities for each of the applications including surface quality, waterproofing, dimensional stability and dampness strength, etc.

CCK base paper


It is equipped with outstanding paper bonding characteristics and high internal binding strength required for the CCK coating base paper, and outstanding capability for coating on top of CCK base paper.


Used as base paper for CCK product coating for which silicone coating is possible since there is no PE laminating.

  • 70g/㎡
  • 85g/㎡
  • 98g/㎡
  • 105g/㎡
  • 125g/㎡
CCK base paper 이미지