Impregnated base paper

We are manufacturing various industrial impregnated base papers including impregnated base paper for printing circuit board, impregnated base paper for deco film and decorative base papers. These are high class product ranges with good impregnation quality of various resins and speed of impregnation, as well as even qualities for special requirements for each of the applications.

Impregnated base paper for printed circuit board


PCB is made by impregnating polymer resin into the PCB base paper. Therefore, it must have outstanding uniformity in polymer resin impregnation as well as the base weight and thickness. The products of Kookil Paper (Zhangjiagang) Limited Corporationis an outstanding product that comply fully with the requirements of PCB base paper .


Base paper for circuit board or manufacturing of PCB used as various steel plate

  • 150g/㎡
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