[Hankuk Paper]ARTE, Hankuk Paper’s high-end rough gloss paper

[Hankuk Paper]ARTE, Hankuk Paper’s high-end rough gloss paper

Hankuk Paper’s high-end rough gloss paper, ARTE 

A wind of luxury also hit the printing paper so far. Followed by Ventnouveau and Gulliver that have become icons of imported paper, the luxurious printing papers from Korean companies are also opening a new era. ARTE, a new challenge by Hankuk Paper. ARTE, produced based on the creed that now, products have to be beyond simple luxury but become art. Now, you do not have to dream of ‘Rendez vous’ with other rough gloss papers.  


ARTE, a new rough gloss paper of Hankuk Paper, is a matte, uncoated paper that has been designed and manufactured based on precarious efforts in order to outperform Japan’s Ventnouveau. Rough gloss, unlike art paper, is paper with vivid texture of paper surface just like canvas. Although it has been coated, it has low gloss and has vivid surface texture, making it suitable to portray luxury amidst nature aspects.  


Dreaming of art beyond a new breeze.


A paper that began from a though on ‘how could we carry the feeling of a classic canvas?’ in the printing paper industry, developed in rough gloss paper. In 1996, Japan’s Oji Paper developed Ventnouveau which was suitable for high-end print material just like famous painting and until now, it is so popular that it is acknowledged as an icon of rough gloss paper and imported paper. With the name ‘A new wind’, it was also a big hit in the domestic market. The dignified look above a clear ivory color gained popularity through word of mouth but on the other hand, it was expensive and it was vulnerable to wrinkles and scratches.  


Following such, domestic printing papers targeting Ventnouveau were launched. Rendez vous, Renoir, Mont Blanc and others were some examples but generally, although they re-seized the imported paper market with affordable prices, disadvantages such as varied printing quality, slow ink drying speed, problems in supply and distribution were pointed out and at the end, no one was able to represent the rough gloss industry.


ARTE, dreaming of becoming the representative player in rough gloss, is art.  


ARTE was born based on analyzing the needs of domestic high-end printing paper and after countless number of researches and stringent test printing for printing officials. So, we can confidently claim, “ARTE is art”. The thing to note is that compared to other rough gloss papers, it is thick and has outstanding volume, making the print-outs stand out while elevating the dignity as a luxurious paper by securing stiffness. Moreover, it also prides in outstanding quality with regards to color reproduction. The color of a paper is so important as it influences the color during printing. ARTE is able to reproduce the color close to nature because of its clear and suitable background color. Therefore, it exudes the unique elegance and luxury of rough gloss. Despite its outstanding quality, the price of ARTE has been set competitively.  


Hankuk Paper plans to expand the market awareness and market share by actively engaging in promotional activities with the management agency and designer. As much as researches, development and investment have been put in over several years for the launch, the marketing is expected to carry on the legacy. Because, the objective of ARTE is to become the World’s Best, Korea’s number one rough gloss paper exceeding Ventnouveau of Japan.