[Hankuk Paper]Observing the renewal of Hankuk Paper representative brand, miilk

[Hankuk Paper]Observing the renewal of Hankuk Paper representative brand, miilk

Observing the renewal of Hankuk Paper representative brand, miilk


Miilk, representing Korea’s photocopy paper and the proud Hankuk Paper brand has been renewed. Miilk, has been more than a piece of paper and has acted as a mediator of soft communication between consumers and paper. Let's take a closer look at what the value of new miilk is all about.


New Face and Slogan

Since launching in the past five years, Miilk has become one of Korea's representative copy papers, and has come to the consumer with a soft and friendly image and fulfilled its role in the right place. The reason why miilk ran a massive renewal with the new slogan 'Your Daily Choice, miilk' is probably from rewards and commitment. It is the first step toward paying the love that has been received from the consumers as 'the new one' and 'the closer, the daily thing'. Miilk's biggest change is its distinctive logo and distinctive theme color. The eye-catching package has changed as follows.


Pursue the best with coexistence


In this renewal process, collaboration with global marketing company Interbrand has emerged. 

We have analyzed the position of miilk over the past five years and aimed to show better marketability in the future. The focus of the Renewal was on the market dominance of miilk, which can be purchased easily and at affordable prices anywhere, and it should be noted that versatility is the key to daily selection of high quality paper. The brand identity of 'Versatility' is tailored to express the characteristics of miilk, which is Reasonable, Reliable, Natural and Selectable. It should be Korea's representative copy paper brand that meets various purposes and needs of all copy users from office to home. Miilk has built new values ​​by analyzing images, slogans and consumer needs that are customized to Hankuk Paper. Now is the time to pay attention to what 's after branding.


What is after branding

Miilk will provide 'sustained growth satisfaction' that will stay with the customers in a friendly manner expand their positions and strengths, even from the office where the professional work goes to home. Miilk's versatility with its diverse product line is a reason to be loved for a long time by consumers. Therefore, the true meaning of the miilk renewal does not end with the change in the appearance of the package, but with the change and resumption of jumping into the world. Even if you walk down the road, if you find miilk 's waiting for' daily choice ', let' s approach with a smile and knock on its back.