You can view detailed answers by clicking the following questions that coincide with your inquiries.

  • I wish to supply facility and materials to your company.

    Procedures for new supply of materials to Zhangjiagang Corporation is as follows:


    1) Proposal for facilities / materials (submission of promotional materials on your facilities and materials, and meeting with personnel in charge when necessary)

    2) Request for your quotation in the event of occurrence of need at our company (quantity, price and specifications)

    3) Review validity of purchase by considering the quality and price competitiveness 


    If you wish to supply facilities and materials, check the above procedures and make inquiries at Customer Center > Customer Inquiries > Others page of our website.

  • I am curious about your social contribution activities.

    Details of social contribution activities of Zhangjiagang Corporation are given in the Sustainable Management > Social Contributions page of our website. 


  • Please tell me about your recruitment process.

    Zhangjiagang Corporation is employing competent persons at all times.


    Recruitment process of Zhangjiagang Corporation is as follows:

    ① Document screening – ② Interview (2 times) – ③ Final selection – ④ Recruitment


    You can check more details of recruitment in the Website > Recruitment of Competent Persons page.

    If you want to make further inquiries, direct your inquiries in the Customer Center > Customer Inquiries > Recruitment Inquiries page